Official first post

See! I wasn't talking smack once again about a new layout, as you can see. It was put together with LOTS of help from my love, Jeremy, who as a yummy programmer-extraordinaire, spent every night for this past week configuring all the templates. We hit lots of snags on the way too, but it all worked out fabulously!! About the layout: the background is from some sheets we have on our bed. The main header art is from a beautiful book I found in a bin at the Goodwill Outlet Center by our house for a mere 50 cents. The original page spread was quite a bit different, so I spent several hours making it work and adding personal touches. The top/bottom box background is some wedding lace I tweaked hardcore. Music also came into play during the design, most notably Ladytron's latest release, Witching Hour. You can listen to some tracks on their myspace page. The main track is called "Soft Power," which you might just have to download on iTunes or someplace legal (or just buy the cd!!), because you know I don't condone using soulseek... uh yeah and stuff. ;) The main reason of the switch to WordPress to begin with was issues with comment spam, and WP has more features to block it than MT did, with new plugins coming out all the time.

3 Responses to “Official first post”

  1. Hazel Says:

    Woohoo! It looks marvelous! Sooo good to see you back in full force with such a gorgeous layout. Love it. Welcome to the WP world :)
    Seriously, I love it.

  2. Andrea Says:

    I loooove the new layout. Looks awesome.

  3. jenbarbiedoll11 Says:

    LOVE the new look Dawn … very bold and strong. :)

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