La di da

Whoops! I accidentally erased my last entry, but I found it cached and put it back up, but the date is off. Anyway, I've been brainstorming for the past few days about a new Simply Irresistible layout, as I might as well bite the bullet and get it up while I'm still motivated. So far no such luck, but I expect it to come to me when I'm falling asleep some night as this layout did! :p I'm betting this weekend will be spent doing taxes, as I should be FINALLY getting all my statements in the mail after making a few calls. Hello! these things were supposed to go out by end of January lazies! I really hope we get back enough refund to pay off Jeremy's car and get a snazzy patio set and larger grill so we can throw some summer parties finally. Oh, and I really really want one of these too... but that is definitely pushing it!

3 Responses to “La di da”

  1. Andrea Says:

    You can change the date in wordpress. Just click on the edit option and then post time stamp…drops down a little deal to edit it.

  2. Dawn Says:

    WooT! Thanks. :)

  3. Hazel Says:

    Ooh! Fancy exercise equipment dreams. Fits right in line with the Simpy Irresistible brainstorming, eh? Whenever I think of SI I always think of that old fork design. It was loverly. :)

    Boo about having to do taxes. I suppose one perk of still being a financially-dependent student parasite is that my parents’ accountant takes care of that crap for me. :P

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