Trees are teh evil

Ugh! Our poor neighbors… News video here.

Trees fall down... Go boom... EeK!

I guess it came down right above their baby's room! Luckily everyone is okay, though... The fire dept. wants to take out the nearby trees too. The trees aren't in the vacinity to hit our house, thank goodness, but I still hope they take out the ones on that side. Jer and I were both thinking separately within the past few days that "Man it would suck if one of those trees fell down on that house!" Eerie.

Please, pray for the family; they have to stay in a hotel while dealing with all this. I'm sure claiming on insurance is going to be a real thrill too. Oh, and I'm hoping no rain comes soon! It would be bad to add flooding to their list of issues.

2 Responses to “Trees are teh evil”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Wow. That is so scary! I’m glad everyone is alright. What a headache for them.

    Oh! So, we do want to come over for dinner some time, but this weekend is out (lots of baking & packing in preparation for San Diego next weekend and Jesse’s birthday next week) as is next weekend (down in San Diego). Maybe the weekend after that? That would be maybe the 4th? If not… I don’t know… the 11th is out because Donna is throwing a shower for us, the next Saturday (the 18th) would work, but then we’re gone for 3 weekends for wedding stuff. Oh my god. The wedding is soooo soon!

    Hope you’re having a great day and keeping yourself warm =)

  2. Hazel Says:

    Wow. I just had so many problems logging in. Hopefully that won’t happen again. :)

    That’s total madness re: tree falling on the house! Thank God everyone is okay!

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