Snazzy Socks

I'm done with our taxes w00t w00t! We made around 15K more last year than 2004, but with all the extra house deductions, ended up getting the same refund. This was awesome otherwise we would've had to pay, so I can't complain. We won't have enough from just the refund to pay off Jer's car, but will help immensely, and I'm just being budget concious to send that final check in April anyway! That frees up $200 a month right there, which I'm going to reroute to either paying off my car, or to the house payment. I still want a snazzy patio set, too, so we'll see. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow at a new salon with highlights and all. Hopefully they don't mess it up. I've yet to find a local stylist that doesn't charge crayzayy. I miss my MN girl, Lynn. :( Ooo and I bought some snazzy socks, but realized AFTER the fact that the company is in Portland and I could've bought them inhouse. Next time I head to Sellwood area, I'm defintely stopping by. These socks are so sassy.

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