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Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

I smell like cupcakes today… thanks to my cute pancake meow necklace!!! :D

Its one of those days at work where I have lots to do (as I'm only working a couple hours on Thursday and Friday from home). I'm picking Jenny up from the airport on Wednesday night, and then showing her the grandness that is P-town all weekend. I want to go home as I have TONS to do!

I planted a garden last week in our garden box. Jeremy dug out the old stuff the previous owners planted (and we let it grow wild last summer but nothing spectacular came up), and turned over the dirt. I didn't think I would enjoy gardening as much as I did... now I just hope the seeds actually grow and I don't kill the plants I bought.

I planted: Catnip for Max (cuz he's a luvR kittah!), morning glories and sweet peas (with a new trellis for them to climb up), gladiolus (pink and purple MMM!), lillies of the valley (runner up behind tulips for my favorite flower), strawberries, ranunculus, pansies, and delphinium. Most of which are all shades of pink, purple, and blue. I was going to plant some roses, but those will have to be planted 2 feet down, and the garden box has a liner at the bottom at about 1 ft depth. I plan on doing some professional landscaping (if not too $$), so I think I'll plant them when we finalize that.

In sad news, my grandma has some masses in her brain. They don't know if they are cancerous or not, but are only giving her 3-6 months, and she had to move into a home. PLEASE pray/send positive wishes for her. I wish I knew her better, but she lived in Arizona while I was growing up. I hope I can see her again when we go to MN in June. I pray she's fully recovered by then (and stopped smoking since she also has bad emphesema and heart problems).

March recap

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

I know I shouldn't be a lazy blogger. :( I'll try to make up for it today…

So to recap the past few weeks:

Jer and I met some awesome new friends at the Joy Electric concert!!! We took them out to Shari's for late night pie after the show, and we've been spending every weekend with them since.

Steph and Rob are from Alaska and moved here last fall. They have a fabulous house on Glisan with Buddy Jesus protecting the entrance. We also met another guy, Micah, who is from Idaho, but has lived all over the country. He has a cute baby daughter and can do an oil change in a jiffy! ;)

Anyway, we all share tons of the same interests and get along fabulously!

We had yummies at Steph and Rob's house a couple weekends ago, played games, had lots of wine. Their house has awesome high ceilings, great molding, and huge windows. Diamond-painted cabinets (which they hate) cinched the coolness factor. That kind of things is what defines a house in Portland IMO. :) Their roommates were also very cool, and they had a big pooch snuggled up on the couch for me to bug (but torked out Jeremy's allergies unfortunately).

On St. Patricks day we had a get-together at our house in the burrow. We grilled out on our new grill, had appetizers, and devoured my soon-to-be-famous fruit tarts. Steph and Rob brought a delish pasta salad (which I wish I had kept some for leftovers!), yummy cakey cookies, wine, AND Rhubarb and Pound cake (which they left for us and we had some last night OMG YUM!!!!!) I invited lots of other local friends, but it was bad timing (including anniversaries, a funeral — double ugh, a rear-ended Audi, and previous obligations.) I hope we can get everyone together when it is warmer and use our new patio set (which is sooo awesome, Jer and I love it!)

Micah's birthday is this weekend, so we might go over to his place for the first time... then we want to do Greek Cusina on the 31st or 1st for a birthday-out (thanks to Kimie and Scott for bringing us there last time!) My friend Jenny will be in town, and I hope Steph and Rob can come too (and whoever else that will be in town that is up for it of course!)

Drink up

Saturday, March 11th, 2006
I had a bit too much champagne last night :)

Werking from home

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

It's snowing here!! Very pretty, but no fun to drive to work in as most Oregonians flip out when driving and seeing snow. The road crews also like to put down huge pieces of gravel to provide traction vs. traditional mix of salt/sand. Then they go back and sweep up the gravel to reuse next time. Nice for the environment... HORRIBLE for windshields! I've already replaced one because of a rock hitting my windshield, and my current windshield I was lucky enough to catch and get repaired before the crack started spidering (this was just a month or two ago.) Windshield replacement is expensive and our deductible is more than the cost of replacing it ourselves. Ugh. So long story short, I'm working from VPN/VNC today. The People's Court rocks! :D

In other news, we bought a patio furniture set finally. Hopefully spring will come after this current cold snap! I shopped around online and at local retailers, but when I saw this set in store at Home Depot, I was sold. :) Nice mid-range price for a quality set. I'm having it shipped which is much easier than trying to get it in the Jetta. So now when Jenny stays at our house at the end of the month, we can have the hot tub all ready and barbecue and have funz!

Jer and I are going to see Joy Electric tomorrow (Friday) night. Ronnie rocks my socks!

I've watched a lot of good movies for the first time in the past couple weeks too... most notably The Fifth Element (very cool, not sure why I waited so long to see it!), Donnie Darko (eek Bunny nightmares, but very thought provoking!!), and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (bawled my eyes out... such a girlie movie!!)