Werking from home

It's snowing here!! Very pretty, but no fun to drive to work in as most Oregonians flip out when driving and seeing snow. The road crews also like to put down huge pieces of gravel to provide traction vs. traditional mix of salt/sand. Then they go back and sweep up the gravel to reuse next time. Nice for the environment... HORRIBLE for windshields! I've already replaced one because of a rock hitting my windshield, and my current windshield I was lucky enough to catch and get repaired before the crack started spidering (this was just a month or two ago.) Windshield replacement is expensive and our deductible is more than the cost of replacing it ourselves. Ugh. So long story short, I'm working from VPN/VNC today. The People's Court rocks! :D

In other news, we bought a patio furniture set finally. Hopefully spring will come after this current cold snap! I shopped around online and at local retailers, but when I saw this set in store at Home Depot, I was sold. :) Nice mid-range price for a quality set. I'm having it shipped which is much easier than trying to get it in the Jetta. So now when Jenny stays at our house at the end of the month, we can have the hot tub all ready and barbecue and have funz!

Jer and I are going to see Joy Electric tomorrow (Friday) night. Ronnie rocks my socks!

I've watched a lot of good movies for the first time in the past couple weeks too... most notably The Fifth Element (very cool, not sure why I waited so long to see it!), Donnie Darko (eek Bunny nightmares, but very thought provoking!!), and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (bawled my eyes out... such a girlie movie!!)

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  1. Nicole Says:

    Yay patio set!

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