I smell like cupcakes today… thanks to my cute pancake meow necklace!!! :D

Its one of those days at work where I have lots to do (as I'm only working a couple hours on Thursday and Friday from home). I'm picking Jenny up from the airport on Wednesday night, and then showing her the grandness that is P-town all weekend. I want to go home as I have TONS to do!

I planted a garden last week in our garden box. Jeremy dug out the old stuff the previous owners planted (and we let it grow wild last summer but nothing spectacular came up), and turned over the dirt. I didn't think I would enjoy gardening as much as I did... now I just hope the seeds actually grow and I don't kill the plants I bought.

I planted: Catnip for Max (cuz he's a luvR kittah!), morning glories and sweet peas (with a new trellis for them to climb up), gladiolus (pink and purple MMM!), lillies of the valley (runner up behind tulips for my favorite flower), strawberries, ranunculus, pansies, and delphinium. Most of which are all shades of pink, purple, and blue. I was going to plant some roses, but those will have to be planted 2 feet down, and the garden box has a liner at the bottom at about 1 ft depth. I plan on doing some professional landscaping (if not too $$), so I think I'll plant them when we finalize that.

In sad news, my grandma has some masses in her brain. They don't know if they are cancerous or not, but are only giving her 3-6 months, and she had to move into a home. PLEASE pray/send positive wishes for her. I wish I knew her better, but she lived in Arizona while I was growing up. I hope I can see her again when we go to MN in June. I pray she's fully recovered by then (and stopped smoking since she also has bad emphesema and heart problems).

2 Responses to “Cuppycakez”

  1. Andrea Says:

    So sorry to hear about your grandma. I’ll pray for her.

  2. Hazel Says:

    Love pancake meow stuff! Totally awesome. Calorie free yumminess. :D

    Sorry for not being around to comment lately. Even when I came by, I had some login issues that are now resolved. (Totally my own fault. Blah) Again, the good vibes are still headed your way!

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