Photos galore!

We've had lots of fun the last couple of weeks. First my friend Jenny came in from Minnesota, so I was able to give her the grand Portland tour.

Jenny's trip   Jenny's trip   Jenny's trip   Jenny's trip

Jenny's trip   Jenny's trip   Jenny's trip   Jenny's trip   Jenny's trip   Jenny's trip

We had Micah's birthday at Greek Cusina on March 31, photos from that outing are great. But note to self: Everclear is BAD news! We got lost in the Smart Park garage and were jumping barriers and hoping not to be plowed down by decending cars. Puking in the Pearl district rounded out the night. Eek.

Micah's Birthday   Micah's Birthday   Micah's Birthday   Micah's Birthday

This past weekend, I attended a clothing swap party. The hostess was cool (and holy hyper!!), but Steph and I felt a bit out of our element as we're "old smug-marrieds" and most of the attendies were around age 20 and into different things. I got some cute pieces and was able to unload lots of old clothes that would've otherwise ended up at Goodwill.

Then we all drove (Jer, me, Steph and Rob) up to Seattle for Saturday and Sunday. We met up with one of Steph's friends who lived in the area and went to the yummiest restaurant I've been to in a LONG time, The Broadway Grill. It was soo yummy! We were able to be all silly and admire the c00t waiters! :)

Seattle   Seattle   Seattle   Seattle

We toured the city the next day, and Jeremy and Rob fell in love with this old gas plant that would make a cool evil scientist lab (and boys love to imagine that kind of thing). I had some painful cramps (oo yea for the blessed aunt flo) but once I was doped up enough on Aleve, I felt better.

Seattle   Seattle   Seattle   Seattle   Seattle   Seattle

Back in the homeland, I have lots of freelance work that came in, so I'm trying to coordinate that with my current work schedule. I'm also in lurve with Dane Cook, almost as much as Gavin, except for the posters (but he is my desktop!!).

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