Regarding protected posts, if you are a registered user, I will likely e-mail you the password for protected entries. unless I know you in real life... I  haven't decided on that one yet. I like the anonymity of only people I haven't met reading my drivel. :D

3 Responses to “Drivel”

  1. RobynAnderson Says:

    Password? Pleeeeeease? :)

    Also, I just emailed you my “other” url (which is also in my profile), but wasn’t sure if your spam@ email address was a real one, or an automatically filled-in one! :)


  2. Jennifer Ross Says:

    Can I also get the password? Longtime Firm addict and follower of your blog! :)


  3. ejshea76 Says:

    Hi Dawn! Can can I get a password? Take care!


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