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SI is back baybee

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Fantabulous news! I've actually got a new Simply Irresistble layout in the works.

I had Jeremy set it up on a new domain, I'll announce to everyone once its ready. We're going to San Francisco this weekend (YEA!! NAPA!!!!) so I probably won't have time to work on it. The bulk of the work is choosing which before/after photos to scan, and rewriting a lot of the static content. It will be a fitness blog mainly. I know there is still interest, and I want to do the conversion right this time.

My girl Jenny called me last week to update me on her wedding plans. :) I actually get to be a bridesmaid (which I've never been... only a poor lowly bride :D ) Check out her dress and the bridesmaid dress I think she decided on (will be in navy).

I'm watching the movie, "Batteries Not Included" as I write this. Seriously the cutest movie EVAR. Who cannot love baby spaceship robots. I want one!! Movies On Demand are awesome. :)

New beginning in DawniecakeLandâ„¢.

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

No. 1: I have a purty new laptop. Toshiba A105-S4074

No. 2: I got a new computer at work too, so I feel like I have two fresh new toys to play with!

No. 3: We have a new street name, due to a city readdressing project. We are now the Peterson's on Patters0n. Lame but kind of cute. :)


No. 4: As of Sept. 1, I am a free agent at work, no more agency to go through, as well as a 50% raise! I have to find my own accountant and tax advisor to help me file quarterly, but its worth the extra paperwork. This was due to quite a bit of negotiating over the past couple months, but I finally signed the official paperwork on Friday. It's good to be free!

No. 5: I bought a new domain, and think I will probably make it a dedicated blog for Simply Irresistible health/fitnes stuff. As time allows, obviously. I can't make any promises on that one.

Me me me!

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
Inspired by my Gina (yes I will be accosting her and her cat when we go to Vanc. BC next time)

I need:

:to have less anxiety (easier said than done)

:to learn how to communicate with certain personality types better

:to lose 8 lbs

:thigh lypo (thank you very much!)

:to find a local accountant/tax advisor (boring!)

:to not focus on flaws so much, esp. when there is nothing realistic to be done to improve them (condradict myself much?)

I want:

:to focus on only positive things

:a fancy-schmancy laptop, just because

:a drama-free existence

:a cute baby pug and a few teeny kittens to play with for hours :)

:MAIA(cat) hehe!

:to get interesting in something creative or crafty again

I love:

:Jeremy and kittahs (but those are givens)

:TV drama (but I hate real life drama, ironic isn't it?)

:snuggling with kitties and/or boys on couches and watching movies for hours!

:working from home a couple days a week!!

:baking (wish the calories would bake right out of the goodies though!)

I hate:

:debating politics, the environment, or how evil suburbia is. YES we sacrifice kittens on the hot motors of our hummers, get over it Portland-urbanites. WE get IT, you are so much more awesome with your biodiesel fueled cars and recycled rainwater systems! Good for you. I thorougly enjoy living in the land of Suburban Debaucheryâ„¢ (by the way, I just bought I have to find something to do with it soon!) Oops, sorry, went off on a tangent with that one.

:having "Yeah BUT..." conversations, where I always come out the loser. Seriously some people just like to argue. I'd rather just be silent and let them think they "won." Strategizing conversations is not my idea of a great time.

:not being understood (do you understand me!?) ;)