Me me me!

Inspired by my Gina (yes I will be accosting her and her cat when we go to Vanc. BC next time)

I need:

:to have less anxiety (easier said than done)

:to learn how to communicate with certain personality types better

:to lose 8 lbs

:thigh lypo (thank you very much!)

:to find a local accountant/tax advisor (boring!)

:to not focus on flaws so much, esp. when there is nothing realistic to be done to improve them (condradict myself much?)

I want:

:to focus on only positive things

:a fancy-schmancy laptop, just because

:a drama-free existence

:a cute baby pug and a few teeny kittens to play with for hours :)

:MAIA(cat) hehe!

:to get interesting in something creative or crafty again

I love:

:Jeremy and kittahs (but those are givens)

:TV drama (but I hate real life drama, ironic isn't it?)

:snuggling with kitties and/or boys on couches and watching movies for hours!

:working from home a couple days a week!!

:baking (wish the calories would bake right out of the goodies though!)

I hate:

:debating politics, the environment, or how evil suburbia is. YES we sacrifice kittens on the hot motors of our hummers, get over it Portland-urbanites. WE get IT, you are so much more awesome with your biodiesel fueled cars and recycled rainwater systems! Good for you. I thorougly enjoy living in the land of Suburban Debaucheryâ„¢ (by the way, I just bought I have to find something to do with it soon!) Oops, sorry, went off on a tangent with that one.

:having "Yeah BUT..." conversations, where I always come out the loser. Seriously some people just like to argue. I'd rather just be silent and let them think they "won." Strategizing conversations is not my idea of a great time.

:not being understood (do you understand me!?) ;)

One Response to “Me me me!”

  1. faith242 Says:

    I love you! You really rock!
    I have an ex-friend who is so “openminded and liberal and can always see things from every perspective.”
    That is until you disagree with her ideas and then she’s all over how wrong you are about your own thoughts and/or opinions!
    People are funny, huh?

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