New beginning in DawniecakeLandâ„¢.

No. 1: I have a purty new laptop. Toshiba A105-S4074

No. 2: I got a new computer at work too, so I feel like I have two fresh new toys to play with!

No. 3: We have a new street name, due to a city readdressing project. We are now the Peterson's on Patters0n. Lame but kind of cute. :)


No. 4: As of Sept. 1, I am a free agent at work, no more agency to go through, as well as a 50% raise! I have to find my own accountant and tax advisor to help me file quarterly, but its worth the extra paperwork. This was due to quite a bit of negotiating over the past couple months, but I finally signed the official paperwork on Friday. It's good to be free!

No. 5: I bought a new domain, and think I will probably make it a dedicated blog for Simply Irresistible health/fitnes stuff. As time allows, obviously. I can't make any promises on that one.

2 Responses to “New beginning in DawniecakeLandâ„¢.”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Congrats on the job stuff! I know you must be super relieved to have it most of the way taken care of =)

  2. justmelanie75 Says:

    wow! a new computer and a huge raise…you are doing great!

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