Soon… hopefully!

I have the new layout but I haven't converted it into wordpad which requires lots of CSS tweaks, thus I've been lazy. The other big obstactle is doing major revisions to content and reevaluating before and after photos to use, all that. I usually get a wild hair and crank a bunch of stuff out in a night or weekend, I'm just waiting for the motivation. I finished the layout for the most part last weekend, so there's hope.

Also my wallet was stolen last night when we went to see Wicked. The show was great, but my wallet was gone when I got home at midnight. I chanced it and didn't cancel anything just incase it showed up at the auditorium lost and found. No luck when I called at 8 am, so I started calling to cancel my cards. My Discover and my Visa were both used that morning for Trimet (bus/lightrail) tickets, I think it was 2 $20 transactions and one $50 one, so the damage was minimal. Luckily they didn't use my bank cards, because its much more a pain in the ass to get money back into a checking account, than to easily report fraud on CC accounts (which I did). Unfortunately this means I have no license and no cards at all, I had Jeremy get me some cash (his bank card numbers are different thank goodness) and I'll have to use checks for the next 7-10 business days (annoying!). Luckily I didn't lose any cash, but one blank check was in there. I had the bank put stop payment on it. It's all a big hassle, but there could really be worse things in life.

Lots of other daily tedium going on, nothing to exciting to report. I can't wait for Jackass 2 to come out, though, because I'm vulgar like that! MMmm Johnny Knoxville!

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