Luvs & H8s

I forgot to post a direct link to our SF photos back over labor day weekend!

Here's my favorite, only because it has my girl crush o' luv: Kristen Bell aka "Veronica Mars."

Here's some other highlights:

Also in case some people missed the announcement below of the newest version of my fitness site, formerly known as "Simply Irresistible." Go to to see everything updated, fresh and new!

I also want to reitterate how much I DESPISE all things Rachael Ray now that I have seen her new hideous talk show. Also the majority of her meals are really unhealthy and basically sound disgusting (although I'm sure some of the more comfort food options taste fine...) but seriously she is hardly svelte eatting that shite. I just hate her demeanor and serious want to kick her in the teeth. I don't think I've had this much h8 for any TV personality well evAr. I'm a proud member of the Rachael Ray Sucks community on LJ too. Join me please and get this hag off the air.

On a more positive note, I'm still madly in lust with Dane Cook (as usual), who is hosting the season premier of SNL this weekend (WATCH!). I plan to see his new movie too (even though Jessica is in it ACK!). Speaking of movies, Jackass 2 is a MUST SEE. Seriously. MUST SEE. TWICE.

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  1. Andrea Says:

    What a cute pic of you. I’m loving the layout for suburbandebauchry too. :) I’m so glad you have a fitness site up and running again.

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