T-Mobile DashOMG!!! I just saw job postings for Panera Bread here in Hillsboro!!!!! They are putting it the same development area as the new (and first local) Sonic just opened!! Thats like a couple miles from our house. I do LOVE diet cherry limeades, but OMG Panera Bread is my all time favorite restaurant! Everytime we travel, I have to get my fix! Now I can go whenever I want!!! MMMM!!!!!!!!!!

This is the best birthday present evAr!!!! Well and the new T-Mobile Dash that Jeremy bought me for my birthday. Isn't it cute?

2 Responses to “Woohoo!!!!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Hey have a great birthday tomorrow! I’m suuuper swamped with work and at home right now otherwise I’d say it tomorrow, but I’m afraid I’ll forget! So have a great day!

  2. Andrea Says:

    Happy Birthday!

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