Houses schmouses

OMG the house is a mess. I have wrapping paper all over downstairs and clothes all over upstairs. Jer and I have been sooo busy lately. Not only because of the impending holidays, but also because we are looking to move into Portland proper early next year.

The move is spurned mostly because Jer can grow his film and photography business more by being closer to the action. I'm also motivated by the market that is leveling out in the city so the prices aren't as freaking insane, although in general it costs more to live in the city, we can afford it now. I'm also ready for fixing up an older home, but it must have LOTS of character (fireplace, built-ins, etc.) but thats pretty easy to find in our price range in Portand too. But I won't move at all unless we find my dream house as I'm all idealistic and shite. :) I want to bring Max the cat too though. I'd miss him sooo much. He's my bebe kittie!

We'd probably still have a weekly trek back out here to the burbs for certain shopping, etc. (especially with Panera Bread that will hopefully open soon OMG I WANT!) but if we live in Portland, my commute will be a lot less (Jeremy's will probably save a bit, but not as much... we'd have to live in Tigard or Lake Oswego to speed his up significantly). Oh and since I'm ghetto, Walmart would be closer if we lived in the city. Hee! Yeah, we're going to get burned at the stake by our neighbors I think as we don't share the yippie point of view (rich/yuppie hippies). :)

The search will go full force in January most likely. We're getting all our ducks in a row.

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