It's posts like these in LJ DamnPortlanders that make me NOT want to move into the city:

I spent time with some hardcore - Costco-shopping, plasma TV buying, SUV-driving, football-watching, lifeless and confused and zombied (the last 3 are my main focus) - suburbanites this weekend. And let me tell you something. I love living in this city. I love standing with 10 other bicyclists at bridge lifts. I love sitting behind someone at a restaurant who says "it's OK" and accepts a botched meal. I love people who don't loop around parking lots 50 times looking for "a good spot". I love seeing dreds, and nose rings, and stripey socks, and classy trenchcoats, and even the droopy emo kids. I love old black men in fedoras at the Safeway, and Dykes on Bikes, and smelly hippies dancing down the sidewalk. I love eating somewhere besides Shari's at 1 in the morning. I love walking through downtown with you all because you weren't too scared to come. My God. I don't know how some of these people don't just turn to goo and slide into a storm drain somewhere. And yes, even if they get mixed in with the raw sewage and nutria somewhere down the line, and all the people I described above are legally insane, and the tram crumbles - and this post sounds overly pretentious and I get flamed until I die - I still love Portland. Just had to share.

Being from semi-rural Minnesota, anywhere in the metro area was "the cities" and no one hated the others for living in Burnsville instead of smack dab in St. Paul or Minneapolis proper or Bloomington, or Lakeville, or any of the other kagillion 'burbs.

I seriously can't understand this attitude. :(

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  1. Olivia Says:

    Yay, I am glad you are posting again!

    Seriously, you gotta ljust laugh at people like this. Those who think they are so *unique* *urban* and yet they are just like all the rest of the city folk. Anonymous, and no one much cares about what they have to say so they resort to internet boards to tout their *individuality* despite the fact they likely grew up in suburbia like the rest of us. And I’m not sure what makes this person so wonderful for accepting a bad meal at a restaurant, being cool is not defined by an appetite for crappy food. I’ll take an SUV driver anyday over the annoying, masturbatory one who posted that drivel. The irony is in the person criticizing people they think aren’t like them, yet saying they are accepting of anyone and everyone. Makes no sense really.

    Rant over, hopefully I at least made you smile. Living in the city isn’t so bad, we aren’t all like this. :D

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