New house!?!

We accepted an offer on this NE Portland home, and just in the nick of time as I guess another higher offer came in right after ours became legally binding.

We still have to go through an inspection period, where the whole deal may crumble, so we'll see how that goes.

This was a flipped house on a huge lot (for Portland), and there are a few cosmetic projects we'll need to do (like removing the textured ceilings and wallpaper ICK!) but otherwise everything is upgraded or new.

View the Flickr photos (my personal photo gallery is down ick!) Peterson Manor

6 Responses to “New house!?!”

  1. sams Says:

    Hey! nice house! I love the round window and the funky wallpaper! hahaha. Does this mean you have sold your current house, or is that pending?
    It looks like a huge house!! You’ll have to start having kids to fill it! At least that’s what my mother said when we bought our place! hahahaha

  2. tracy2303 Says:

    I love old houses! That looks like a really nice one. I have heard that fabric softeners (liquid form) helps with taking off wallpaper. Might be worth the try. When we moved in to our new house, we just had a take off border in one room and I was ready to cry. LOL. I didn’t try the fabric softener trick though. Heard about if after the fact.

  3. Dawn Says:

    We’re going to list our house this weekend pending inspection on this house. :)

    I wish the wallpaper was more vintage and I might keep it. Instead its just early 90’s era and just bad. One room has sponge-paint PRINTED wallpaper. Couldn’t they have just sponge painted?!?

    We could have lots of bebes in this house as its 3500 sq. feet, but with kids there’s no way we can afford the mortgage!!!!!!! :D

    Thanks for the tips on the wallpaper removal. That is the main thing I’m dreading. I don’t mind painting rooms, but taking that off OMG scary!

  4. Olivia Says:

    Are the first few photos of different houses? I see a few different exteriors. Nonetheless, I LOVE IT! What a beautiful home with great details throughout. Wallpaper removal isn’t as bad as you think, and it’s pretty rewarding once it’s done. I can’t wait to see the place once you make it your own. I love old houses. :)

  5. Andrea Says:

    Oh I hope you get this house! It’s absolutely beautiful!

  6. Dawn Says:

    FlickR sucks as its hard to see the captions of each photo, especially if you view the slideshow.

    The first two photos of are the house (yellow with porch). The other house photos next to those are ones in the neighborhood, either next door or across the street.

    It’s all up to how the inspection goes if we get it or not. :D

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