No house… back to the search.

We spent a pretty penny on inspections on the house... and they've turned up about $30,000.00 worth of issues. The worst of which is that the oil tank is leaking and needs to be decommissioned... so we're looking at $10,000.00+ just for that and a new gas furnace. So that blows our remodeling budget just there. There was about $10,000.00 worth of other stuff to fix, most importantly all the energy leaks OMG. Then the last $10,000.00 would need to go to cosmetic work (upgrading baths, floors, etc.) Not to mention all the sidewalks around the house were in bad disrepair and whenever the city wanted to they could come and charge us to replace them (hello more thousands of dollars).

The sellers were jackoffs in general and wouldn't negotiate AT ALL even though we settled on an offer (before inspections) $25,000.00 more than their original list price. The oil tank work was a total deal breaker. We could handle doing and paying for the other work over time, but the oil tank would've bankrupted our remodeling savings as it had to be done ASAP alone and we'd be stuck in a house that was majorly leaking energy (during the inspection, after 2.5 hours in the house...the house was still only at 50 degrees and the heat was pumping the whole time)! Even the new "energy efficient" windows were fitted improperly and wouldn't latch and none were sealed so you could see outside under the sills. WTF?! And the fireplace wasn't sealed either and needed to be replaced... Anyways, there were about 50 other projects of just fix-it things. We'd be exhausted.

It would be a pretty home if we had $30,000 capital to work with up front, but alas newp.

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  1. Andrea Says:

    Sorry to hear the inspection came back with so many issues. Thank God for inspections though. I hope you find a house you like even better. Good luck with your house hunting.

  2. Olivia Says:

    That stinks, but also make you say TG for inspections! We almost bought our “dream property,” until we discovered the ppl who renovated it only did surface work and it needed the same amount of additional investment as yours. Your special home is out there, good luck on the hunt!

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