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We're in backup position for this house. It was just put on the market and I saw within a few days of listing, but it was snatched up and they accepted the first offer (even though ours was set to be $3000 more than any competing offer GRRR!!!)... so if that falls through, we can get it. Send some good vibes/prayers that we can get it (or find something even better/bigger!). :) It was gorgeous!

Im happier news, I had Sirius radio installed today in my new Mazda5 Sport. Since I didn't mention it before... the backstory was my 2001 Jetta's transmission went out with only 75,000 miles on it!! Ya... I was pissed. Rather than pay $4500 to replace the transmission (nice huh!?), I was able to trade in my busted Jetta for $7500 (I owed $5000 on the note still) which was basically trade in value for nothing wrong with it, and got a new Mazda MZ5.

We bought it on the perfect day too, no one in the dealership, cold post-PortlandSnowstorm. We kept trying to leave, they kept sweetening the pot and giving me more for my car and adding features along the way (remote start, 6 disc cd/mp3 in dash, free sirius install with 6 months free - That's $700 alone, auto dimmer/compass, etc. etc.) Basically everything my Jetta didn't have... well except heated seats :( I miss those! It also has a 10 yr./100,000 mile all-inclusive warranty which was key.

I still would've rather not had to buy a car the same time as we're buying a house, but our mortgage broker said it wouldn't screw anything up and a drawback of the 'burbs is public transport sucks and a girl has to get to work. :)  

Anyways back to Sirius... I can now listen to Stern whenever I want. He's a sexist pig and I lurve him. :)

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  1. Nicole Says:

    Cute house! I’ll cross my fingers that they get to your bid. I dream of having a home like that someday! Good luck.

  2. Olivia Says:

    I’ll be crossing my fingers too – what a cute house! Our top two homes that we wanted got snatched up yesterday. We are potentially moving to Austin and from everything we could see, they were perfect – great neighborhoods, beautiful houses, needed little work. Of course they have been on the market for 6 months each and BOTH went under contract 16 days before we went to look at them. Grrr. Here’s hoping “our” houses become available for us. :) WTG on the new ride too, woot!

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