Wide Awake

I have delayed sleep phase syndrome! Nice to know being a night owl that HATES getting up early has a name. Hee! I'm watching the documentary "Wide Awake" on HBO. FACINATING. Anyone else that has issues with insomnia or a racing mind when trying to sleep. Watch it, its facinating. The new season of Big Love started on HBO yesterday, which is why I renewed our HBO subscription. If there was any show I love as much Veronica Mars, this is it! I also will be a forever-fan of now cancelled BBC "Hex," as well as Felicity. Oh how I miss Felicity. It's good to see Keri Russel making a comeback. :)

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  1. KristinH Says:

    Sounds like you’re making progress on the house! The living in shambles is survivable….horrifying at times, but survivable! Do you still have a copy of the FIRM infomercial that you were in? There is a post on FYY asking for someone to post it to YouTube…I’d pay for a copy if you still have it around somewhere!

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