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Why can I not find any reasonably priced bedding that will match our bedroom theme? We found the perfect rugs but the bedding will not cooperate. I have purchased and taken back about 5 different comforters so far because they just didn't work. Here's the room before we moved the furniture in a few weeks ago: I'm looking for something with embroidery of some sort, but not frou-frou or french. Everything I find seems to be obnoxiously paisley or damask. I want something that seems sort of period appropriate, but not country or overly traditional and has to fit with the colors of our rug: sage green/beige, copper, plum, turquiose. It's a tall order. Here's a similar rug to the one in our room: This is the front-runner so far, minus all the pillows and such: Ralph Lauren "Rutherford." I checked it out in person at Macy's and it looks like a heavily aged tapestry and the colors match our scheme. However, at $299 for the duvet cover alone, its a bit over my $200 maximum. I could buy off eBay, but I never know until its in the room, and I want the option to return it. I would love an Ann Wallace or Dianne Ayers set, but I think with the embroidery, the price would be over my budget as well. The Candiff set from Target is pretty, but its out of stock, doesn't have any turquiose or plums, and the pattern is a bit busy, but more in the British arts & crafts vein: Then there's a more simple "Rosa" collection from Macy's. However, I didn't see this one in the store. THe embroidery looks gorgeous without being over the top. I'm not sure if I should do a solid color without any green or accent shades visible: Any ideas?

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  1. Nicole Says:

    I’d watch the paper (or ask someone who gets a paper) for a coupon at Macy’s (they’ve always got them). From the ones you’ve posted I think the Rutherford one really is the nicest. You could also maybe try finding something at Linens N Things Since they’re going out of business and everything is on sale.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    No advice, but the room is GORGEOUS! Good luck… I’m so bad at those things.

  3. Tracy Says:

    I would also look at Linens N Things like the other person mentioned. Also, maybe Bed Bath and Beyond because you can get 20% off coupons from them. I also like the Rutherford one the best and the Target one the least. You also have to think of your comforters and stuff like that as an investment as well because you’re going to have it for a really long time. Good luck! And the house is looking beautiful!

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Wow – that Ralph Lauren set is really pretty – I love it! And the casements in your bedroom are gorgeous. Love the wall color too!

    I’ve wrestled with the same thing (which is why we have no photos of our bedroom on our blog!)
    Here’s what I’ve been thinking, and it might work for you.

    I’ve looked at the bedding on both Anne Wallace and Dianne Ayers’ site, and in countless bungalow books. I know the bedspread/coverlet route is the more authentic choice, but I’m definitely more of a comforter/duvet kind of girl (both because I’m always cold and because bedspreads are such a pain in the butt – there’s so much smoothing and fidgeting required to make sure the bed doesn’t look lumpy. A comforter hides a multitude of sins.) Like you, I drool over the embroidery, but get sticker shock from the price tags!

    Anyway, I’ve been thinking that since heavy linen and cotton velvet are both “authentic” material choices maybe I could find or even make a fairly plain linen or velvet duvet cover in a solid period color and blow my budget on pretty embroidered pillows.

    This could be a nice way of working with the colorful rug you already have.You could pick any one of the colors in your rug for the duvet cover and pillow sham color, mix in a couple of solid colored accent pillows in a contrasting color, and then splurge on embroidered pillows with designs that feature the same colors.

    If you did want to go with something plain/solid-colored, you might want to check Or, if you sew at all, Fabric Depot will let you order fabric if what you’re looking for isn’t on their floor, and as long as you buy the whole bolt, they’ll sell it to you at 40% off retail.

    Another totally unrelated suggestion would be to check the sale room on the second floor at Rejuvenation – I’ve seen some textiles up there occasionally. ebay also often has vintage/antique Arts and Crafts textiles, but I think it would probably be a pain to care for them.

  5. Dawn Says:

    I keep going back to digging out my old comforter from our last house: Its a dark plum which we also have in our rug. Maybe then I could just buy a rutherford-print pillow and some others to make it less PURPLEZOMG!

  6. Stephanie Says:

    I love the color! I think it’s definitely worth a try! Maybe a mossy green throw at the end of the bed too, if you want to pull in colors from the rug and break up the purple a little more?

    We way be going with purple velvet in our bedroom eventually too. A couple of summers ago, I bought four glass shades at the big annual sale at Rejuvenation. They look like this: except the glass is creamy white with purple swirls (and a little bit of caramel, too.) I LOVE THEM. And they were only $9.40 each because no one seems willing to put purple in a bungalow (which I think is a mistake!) I’m thinking of using them in our bedroom (of course that will involve buying a light fixture) and am leaning toward using purple velvet. But I also thought about maybe an oatmeal linen duvet cover with some sort of stenciling or embroidery that includes purple – wisteria, iris or some other geometrically-bungalow-y pattern… hmmm. Since I can’t afford to do either right now, I guess I’ll keep obsessing. :-)

    I think the Rutherford bedding is lovely! You should give it a try – see how they look together and in the room. If you don’t like it, you can always return it!

  7. Alexis Says:

    I use a white LL Bean matelasse in my Arts & Crafts house with a throw to accent it, when I’m in the mood. I just saw a wonderful bungalow bedroom with a white matelasse accented with a traditional crazy quilt and it was dramatic but simple. I also like the textiles they carry at Nest & Co in Montclair, NJ (not sure where you are) – Many of the brands in their store can also be found in American Bungalow magazine. Hope that helps and I look forward to seeing pictures of your choice.

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