A Richer Life with Less Stuff

Yay for money I wasn't paying attention to! $40 in Discover rewards, $50 in change to cash out at Coinstar, and about $100 in store returns I'll be making this weekend, random $9 refund check, $15 in bank account interest. There is money around when I look hard enough.

Hopefully I can do about 8 hours of work this weekend to make up for some vacation time off and make some extra cash designing business cards and letterhead for my tile contractor.

Last night I finished reading "It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff" by Clean Sweep's Peter Walsh. Great book to help me keep up my momentum!

I am totally amazed at the amount of progress I've had with Flylady in the past 5 or 6 months without even REALIZING it. Our master bedroom is completely decluttered including the closets and drawers. I even filled up an extra bag worth of purges I did yesterday.

I finished unpacking our master bathroom with storage room to spare! I donated a box full of unused personal care products and threw out a lot of expired items.

There are empty cupboards in the kitchen and there will be more space as I plan to sell of any antique glass I don't really "love." Less to store until our living room and dining room are done.

I've been trying to keep to a specific system. Once the house is clean, THEN I can sort and declutter one area or bin a day, only sotring through what I can in an hour or two. I still need to go through about 15 storage bins stashed around the house, mostly items that haven't been unpacked since March 2007. I've went through 5 this past week. We now have a big stack of empty bins that I'll probably unload on Craigslist or something.

3 Responses to “A Richer Life with Less Stuff”

  1. jenni Says:

    I have been thinking…If I have not unpacked a box in 2 years…Do I really need it?
    My plans for the weekend is a trip to good will.
    and BTW…I am still drooling over your kitchen.

  2. Nicole Says:

    Amazing! I’m glad you’re loving flylady as much as I do and that it makes a big difference even in a home that’s been as under construction as yours. I’m glad you’re getting through your storage bins. What will you do with all your time once you get your finances all taken care of and your house decluttered? :)

  3. Dawn Says:

    I will have to start back on the house remodeling crap again hahaha but at least SOME things will be under control instead of complete and total chaos! :D

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