House prep work

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

No word on the house we're in backup for yet. If they have an 10-day inspection period, I probably won't know until next Friday either if negotiations or financing fell through for the first offer. So we're touring more houses on Sunday.

I'm definitely getting more motivated to move. Parking downtown is becoming a PITA as my usual spot across the bridge has been full this week and I've had to squeeze my Mazda into super-compact spaces in a 4-hr. SmartPark for more $$. 4 hours at work make coming in at all pointless, and I'm too cheap to pay $8-$13 a day to park non-reimbursed (my usual parking is $4.50 but I have to walk 10 minutes across the bridge. Grrrr!

Anyway, in prep for our house to sell, is this weekend's list of To-Do's:
  • Laundry (Me)
  • Clean Master, Bath and Closet (Me)
  • Fix trim in office (Jer)
  • Take stuff to Goodwill (Both)
  • Organize Garage (Both)
  • Clean Fridge (Me)
  • Clean Stove (Jer)
  • Clean My Office Closet (Me)
  • Stage Jeremy's Office (Jer)
  • I'm also registering for some Cake Decorating classes starting on March 1. I'm excited. Ace of Cakes on Food Network is like the best show EvAr and has motivated me. My girl, Jenny, in MN is taking similar classes and highly recommends them. :)