New Beginnings

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Ok we're completely moved out of the H-burrow house and had to say goodbye. :( I'm sad I won't see my tulips come to bloom. Maybe we'll drive and take a walk in the neighborhood in a couple weeks and see if they are out. The good news is there are tons of bulbs already planted in our new yard and it will be cool to see what blooms. So far there are a zillion daffodils bordering the house. I should get some and put them in a vase. Which suprisingly I know where it is! Everything is in SHAMBLES right now. I don't know where to start unpacking as I feel like I'll end up having to move all the stuff to start the remodel.

I ended up taking a late nap last night and just crashed out til morning. Easier than having to think about that stuff! :) And Jeremy and I are exhausted from the move and the numerous extra trips we've done this week to get all the last stuff out of the house, mostly all kitchen and garage stuff. It's bittersweet to leave, but ya just know when you need a change. If we didn't parlay our income into an even more lucrative property, with more business potential, we would've spent that money somewhere and not much to show for it. Gotta ladder up. :)

We took Max with last week and he's been adjusting to his new home well. So much in fact, I was going to let him outside without a leash this morning as he was whining to get out. And guess what. He disappeared! I spent the next hour or so calling around the whole neighborhood for him. The nice neighbors told me where the 'kitty loop' is that all the neighborhood cats like to roam including a lady's garage where all the cats hang out as she used to keep food and beds out for them. I saw that neighbor walking and asked her and guess what, she just saw Max dart out of her garage a couple blocks down. I walked around calling for him and finally headed back to the house. THERE HE WAS! OMG I was soo mad but happy he knew where to come back to on his first jaunt out, which took him over a few blocks away and through tons of yards. So he's inside now, and will get some more leash time outside. Maybe this weekend he can stay outside which is where he loves. He cries all night to go out. Good thing to as Jeremy is allergic.

In other happy news, my good friend who cut off our friendship back in November, called me out of the blue the other night. I was really happy she decided to get in contact again as I always left things open. We were able to touch on some of the things about why she stopped calling and hopefully this is a new start.

OMG I can't wait to see "Blades of Glory." How's that for random? :)