House prep work

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

No word on the house we're in backup for yet. If they have an 10-day inspection period, I probably won't know until next Friday either if negotiations or financing fell through for the first offer. So we're touring more houses on Sunday.

I'm definitely getting more motivated to move. Parking downtown is becoming a PITA as my usual spot across the bridge has been full this week and I've had to squeeze my Mazda into super-compact spaces in a 4-hr. SmartPark for more $$. 4 hours at work make coming in at all pointless, and I'm too cheap to pay $8-$13 a day to park non-reimbursed (my usual parking is $4.50 but I have to walk 10 minutes across the bridge. Grrrr!

Anyway, in prep for our house to sell, is this weekend's list of To-Do's:
  • Laundry (Me)
  • Clean Master, Bath and Closet (Me)
  • Fix trim in office (Jer)
  • Take stuff to Goodwill (Both)
  • Organize Garage (Both)
  • Clean Fridge (Me)
  • Clean Stove (Jer)
  • Clean My Office Closet (Me)
  • Stage Jeremy's Office (Jer)
  • I'm also registering for some Cake Decorating classes starting on March 1. I'm excited. Ace of Cakes on Food Network is like the best show EvAr and has motivated me. My girl, Jenny, in MN is taking similar classes and highly recommends them. :)

    New stuff

    Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

    We're in backup position for this house. It was just put on the market and I saw within a few days of listing, but it was snatched up and they accepted the first offer (even though ours was set to be $3000 more than any competing offer GRRR!!!)... so if that falls through, we can get it. Send some good vibes/prayers that we can get it (or find something even better/bigger!). :) It was gorgeous!

    Im happier news, I had Sirius radio installed today in my new Mazda5 Sport. Since I didn't mention it before... the backstory was my 2001 Jetta's transmission went out with only 75,000 miles on it!! Ya... I was pissed. Rather than pay $4500 to replace the transmission (nice huh!?), I was able to trade in my busted Jetta for $7500 (I owed $5000 on the note still) which was basically trade in value for nothing wrong with it, and got a new Mazda MZ5.

    We bought it on the perfect day too, no one in the dealership, cold post-PortlandSnowstorm. We kept trying to leave, they kept sweetening the pot and giving me more for my car and adding features along the way (remote start, 6 disc cd/mp3 in dash, free sirius install with 6 months free - That's $700 alone, auto dimmer/compass, etc. etc.) Basically everything my Jetta didn't have... well except heated seats :( I miss those! It also has a 10 yr./100,000 mile all-inclusive warranty which was key.

    I still would've rather not had to buy a car the same time as we're buying a house, but our mortgage broker said it wouldn't screw anything up and a drawback of the 'burbs is public transport sucks and a girl has to get to work. :)  

    Anyways back to Sirius... I can now listen to Stern whenever I want. He's a sexist pig and I lurve him. :)

    No house… back to the search.

    Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

    We spent a pretty penny on inspections on the house... and they've turned up about $30,000.00 worth of issues. The worst of which is that the oil tank is leaking and needs to be decommissioned... so we're looking at $10,000.00+ just for that and a new gas furnace. So that blows our remodeling budget just there. There was about $10,000.00 worth of other stuff to fix, most importantly all the energy leaks OMG. Then the last $10,000.00 would need to go to cosmetic work (upgrading baths, floors, etc.) Not to mention all the sidewalks around the house were in bad disrepair and whenever the city wanted to they could come and charge us to replace them (hello more thousands of dollars).

    The sellers were jackoffs in general and wouldn't negotiate AT ALL even though we settled on an offer (before inspections) $25,000.00 more than their original list price. The oil tank work was a total deal breaker. We could handle doing and paying for the other work over time, but the oil tank would've bankrupted our remodeling savings as it had to be done ASAP alone and we'd be stuck in a house that was majorly leaking energy (during the inspection, after 2.5 hours in the house...the house was still only at 50 degrees and the heat was pumping the whole time)! Even the new "energy efficient" windows were fitted improperly and wouldn't latch and none were sealed so you could see outside under the sills. WTF?! And the fireplace wasn't sealed either and needed to be replaced... Anyways, there were about 50 other projects of just fix-it things. We'd be exhausted.

    It would be a pretty home if we had $30,000 capital to work with up front, but alas newp.

    New house!?!

    Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

    We accepted an offer on this NE Portland home, and just in the nick of time as I guess another higher offer came in right after ours became legally binding.

    We still have to go through an inspection period, where the whole deal may crumble, so we'll see how that goes.

    This was a flipped house on a huge lot (for Portland), and there are a few cosmetic projects we'll need to do (like removing the textured ceilings and wallpaper ICK!) but otherwise everything is upgraded or new.

    View the Flickr photos (my personal photo gallery is down ick!) Peterson Manor

    Houses schmouses

    Thursday, December 7th, 2006

    OMG the house is a mess. I have wrapping paper all over downstairs and clothes all over upstairs. Jer and I have been sooo busy lately. Not only because of the impending holidays, but also because we are looking to move into Portland proper early next year.

    The move is spurned mostly because Jer can grow his film and photography business more by being closer to the action. I'm also motivated by the market that is leveling out in the city so the prices aren't as freaking insane, although in general it costs more to live in the city, we can afford it now. I'm also ready for fixing up an older home, but it must have LOTS of character (fireplace, built-ins, etc.) but thats pretty easy to find in our price range in Portand too. But I won't move at all unless we find my dream house as I'm all idealistic and shite. :) I want to bring Max the cat too though. I'd miss him sooo much. He's my bebe kittie!

    We'd probably still have a weekly trek back out here to the burbs for certain shopping, etc. (especially with Panera Bread that will hopefully open soon OMG I WANT!) but if we live in Portland, my commute will be a lot less (Jeremy's will probably save a bit, but not as much... we'd have to live in Tigard or Lake Oswego to speed his up significantly). Oh and since I'm ghetto, Walmart would be closer if we lived in the city. Hee! Yeah, we're going to get burned at the stake by our neighbors I think as we don't share the yippie point of view (rich/yuppie hippies). :)

    The search will go full force in January most likely. We're getting all our ducks in a row.