Brain in “ded” mode

Monday, April 14th, 2008
Just returned from a week's vacation back to Minnesota. Jeremy did the photography at his friend's wedding (which was beautiful by the way). In the meantime, I saw some friends and family, but not as many as I would've liked. I was trying to keep the vacation low-key and low-stress and not rushing from place to place as I've done on previous trips back. The most running around I did in a day was from Lakeville to Owatonna to the back road of nowheresville (WHOOPS got on the wrong road) then back tracked to the RIGHT road to get to Rochester and then back to Owatonna and Lakeville. Oh there was another day where I went from Lakeville to Owatonna to Medford to Morristown to Faribault to Medford to Morristown to Mankato to Lakeville. Ah I filled up the gas tank about 4 times this week and that was WITHOUT seeing everyone I wanted to. There are so many miles separating people and not enough time in the day! A favorite find on my trip was a beautiful victorian sconce at City Salvage in Minneapolis. I technically didn't need anymore sconces but I couldn't resist! I also purchased a couple art-deco style light fixtures for a steal at an antique shop. I'll post pictures soon. I've come to a realization (maybe because of the deplorable weather there) that I didn't feel any need to move back there anytime soon. I did get a bit nostalgic while in Mankato because I missed going to university and having those fun times, but not enough to move back there and get paid student-level wages. In most areas are boxy homes with no discernable style sporting vinyl siding in the same shades of grey, beige, pale yellow, or while. BORING. Sure, I envy the housing prices in the non-metro areas, but my friends there don't get paid near what they deserve! Even with more impending remodeling work, I sure did miss my true home — Portland! MUAH!